How to use mad hatter potpourri incense?

Cloud 9′s Mad hatter potpourri incense is popular for aromatherapy.

Why incense potpourri?

There are a few ways by which a nice fragrance can come out from your house. You can use different perfumes or air freshener products.
Or you can use herbal incense which is blend that produces good smell and also clean the climate of germs and is good for health giving a refreshing feeling.

Mad Hatter Potpourri Incense

Mad Hatter Potpourri Incense

There are many potpourri products but mad hatter is made with herbal incenses. What makes mad hatter blend special is that this is made with natural products with a mix of damiana and mullein and is good for human beings as well as the atmosphere.

Mullein is an exotic herbaceous plant found in Europe and Asia. Damiana is a shrub with aromatic flowers found in Texas and other American continents. The incense is also supposed to cleanse the atmosphere by removing insects etc.

Incense sticks or cones can also be used, however they burn slower. They typically use wood dust and bindings which you may not like and use potpourri which is purer.

How do you use it?

If you do not know how to use herbal incenses here is the way to do it. The herbal incense products are to be used in home and kept at such place that is has a good ventilation. Pour the potpourri in an incense burner and light it to burn.

Once you light the potpourri, fragrance of the incense starts spreading over the house. The fragrance will soon spread all over your house and change the internal climate in a few minutes.


  • The potpourri incense needs to be used in a place which is well ventilated so that the smoke does not get blocked in a closed place which can be harmful. They emit carbon and other gases while burning.
  • If you asthma or any breathing related disease, it would be better to avoid mad hatter incense or incenses in general as they get burnt and produce smoke.
  • Under no circumstances you should smoke it, it can be very harmful and is not meant for that.