Kush flavor review | How to choose kush fragrance and why to like it

Kush incense

Kush incense

Kush is a blend of Damiana and Kush scent with strength of 8.

The herbal potpourri is pretty generic and contains large-cut, light green fluffy leaves with a few stems and sticks in it.

Kush has the oddest fruity, spicy, grassy smell to the potpourri. It is not offensive and after lighting the incense burns brightly and the effects are felt quite quickly. It sometimes burns so brightly, that the glow will leave you feeiling flat after 15 minutes.

This one is for people who apreciate the flavor and not everyone.

It is available in 3g and 10g packaging. The packets should be sealed properly and not exposed to damp conditions as they may affect the fragrance of the blend.