Blueberry flavor incense from Mad Hatter by Cloud 9

Mad hatter incense blueberry

Mad hatter incense blueberry

Mad hatter blueberry incense is a mixture of blueberry with damiana. This is an excellent choice of incense if you like the smell of blueberry.

The blueberry incense is at affordable price and is one of the best flavors available from Cloud 9.

Mad hatter incense blueberry flavor is known to relieve stress well and energize you.

Note that this is not for human consumption and should be used as an aromatic potpourri as indicated.

The price of this is as follows:

$14.99 for 3g
$28.99 for 10g

Earlier they used to come in 28 gms, 56 gm and 112 gms but now most of the websites do not sell these.