Mad hatter incense natural flavor review

Mad hatter natural

The natural flavor has a robust and strong aromatic experience which lasts from half an hour to an hour. The blend of quality herbs and leaves is amazing which refreshes the entire house to provide relaxation.

The smell is earthy and natural as the flavor suggests and you would like it.

The blend feels sticky to touch but it burns smoothly. It does not take a lot of this potpourri to fill up your house with the charismatic aroma. The sweet undertone of the smell remains long after the incense has stpped burning. The lasting aroma is strong but it is not overpowering. The smell does last longer than other blends available in similar price range.

The natural incense contains Damiana and muellin. It takes time to develop a liking for this one but once you start liking it, you would not want to try something else.

This might not be legal in all states.