Mad hatter incense reviews

Mad hatter incense reviews

Mad hatter incense is perceived to be expensive for it’s range. Though there are herbal incenses which are more expensive than it and it actually falls in the mid price range. Another big negative for mad hatter is the packaging. The zip lock of the incense blend does not always seal properly and this can cause spilling of the incense when you take it out. If the seal is not proper the incense can get exposed to air and moisture which can cause it to lose the aroma.

The good parts are that mad hatter incense has immediate effects and is long lasting even after the incense has stopped burning. It also is potent. Some people however complain that the aroma is overpowering and it is negative. The aroma also depends on the flavor and most of them have a fruity smell to it.

To avoid the overpowering aroma new users should at first try limited quantity and if they enjoy then they should go for the full session of 30-40 minutes of aromatherapy.

Cloud 9 mad hatter incense burn well and the effect of burning for half an hour can last upto a few hours. If you can start enjoying it there would be nothing better than these incenses which are available in 5 flavours:

1. Hypnotic

2. Blueberry

3. Strawberry

4. Kush

5. Natural