Strawberry flavor from mad hatter incense by Cloud 9

Mad hatter incense strawberry

Mad hatter incense strawberry

Mad hatter strawberry incense is one of the most popular incenses around. The packaging is in pink to signify strawberry.

It has a fruity spicy smell and anyone who is a fan of strawberry aroma will definitely love this blend. The presence of damiana leaves can be seen. And the pink aromatic strawberry are decorated. The blend is completely made of natural ingredients.

It is very good for stress and the incense is free from twigs and stems. There are quiet a few counterfeit of these incenses so care should be taken for that.

A 30-40 minute session with the strawberry incense can freshen your mood. The fragrance will last much longer and the effect starts immediately when the blend is lit.

$14.99 for 3g
$28.99 for 10g


  • Potent
  • Lasts long
  • Immediate Effects


  • Expensive
  • Packaging
  • Can spill easiy

It is one of the top potpourri made with fine herbs, essential oils, and strawberry botanical blends. Herbal incense users can try and use mad hatter strawberry flavor if they are looking for a quality experience.

Mad hatter incense strawberry flavor
Mad hatter incense strawberry
Date Published: 06/16/2013
9.5 / 10 stars